A professional organization depends on its activities and members. The aim of the association is to do a great deal for the interests of commercial heir finders in Germany, to engage in public and political area for a high acceptance of this trade, to promote the existence of this profession in the public appreciation, to look after a wide assistance of our work in order to facilitate the daily work.
Furthermore, a uniform voice to the outside should be made thereby for this professional group, in order to take influence on law changes as well as to point out and counteract wrongs, for example, existing restrictions in the access to inquiry sources by the legislator.
In addition, by representation of the association and the codex of honour the members of the association want to distance from immoral business methods of few agents on ther market. It is in the interest of the association, to reinforce the basis by acqusition of members who support the aimes of the association.

To meet our highly requirements also in future, we upgrade our education in the setting of our association continuously and create in this way a symbiosis of members among themselves by exchange of information and insights.

  • Lectures on the subject of heir finding beyond our trade
  • Contacts to the WASt institution for the purpose of data privacy
  • Appointment with the German Red Cross Munich to improve cooperation and collaboration took place in April 2013
  • Participating in the 7th European Data Protection Day 2013 in Berlin
  • Contacting the Association of German Archivists
  • Appointment with STA I in Berlin to optimize cooperation in September 2013
  • Bringing into play in the revision of the reformed data protection law
  • Discussions with Berlin State Archive in March 2014
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