Data privacy statement

Your data are protected within the scope of the legal provisions. Following find, please, information, which data are acquired and how they are used:

As far as you have placed at our disposal your personal data, we use them only to answer your inquiries, for the settlement of your estate matter and for the technical administration.

Your personal data will only be transmitted to third parties or otherwise, if this is necessary for the purpose of the heir finding and in particular to authorities and courts within the scope of the application of the certificate of inheritance and the settlement of the estate, for the purpose of accounting or you have previous agreed. You are justified to revoke a given approval with the effect for the future at all times

The liquidation of the stored personal data take place if you revoke your approval for storage, if you know that a storage is not necessary any longer for the fulfilment of the purpose or if the data storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.
We like to inform you about your stored personal data on your written request

As far as we use data for a purpose which requires your approval according to the legal provisions, we will always ask you for your explicit consent and enter your consent, as laid down in the data protection law, in the minutes. You can revoke your once given consent at any time with an effect for the future and/or you contradict future uses of your data. You can revoke an approval or enter an objection by a simple message to us.

We try, to store your personal data by seizure of all technical and organizational possibilities so that they are not accessible to third parties. Concerning the communication by e-mail a complete data security cannot be guaranteed by us, so we recommend you to send confidential information by post.

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