Administrators/curators of estate

In unsettled estate matters probate courts appoint administrators/curators of estate. Their job is the safeguarding and administration of the estate assets as well as the heir finding. The administrator/curator of estate is answerable and accountable for his activity to the probate court.

Within his activity the administrator/curator of estate can bring in auxiliary people and specialists in order to assist him. Heir finders will be engaged, when administrators/curators of estate do not have any further angles.

Because of the structure of the heir finding companies, especially by having own archives, knowledge about resources and archives as well as networks of correspondence partners at home and abroad, they are also able to find heirs in complicated and difficult cases.

The engagement of heir finders companies by the administrators/curators of estate ensues in the interest of unknown heirs.

A timely consulting of a professional heir finding office, which always and exclusively works on own economic risk has, in addition, the following advantages for administrators/curators of estate:

  • less expenditure of time in heir findings with the result that the released time can be used for other estate cases
  • thereby conditional reduction of expenses on the account of the administered estate assets
  • handling of the heir finding in a good time
  • the researches can be undertaken comprehensively and professionally, by the immediately available know-how of the commercial heir finder
  • conscientious realisation of the article 14 of the Constitution (right on property and inheritance)
  • comfortable fulfilment of administrator's/curator's of estate legal duty to find heirs by consulting an external heir finder
  • a the timely consulting of a heir finder often makes a time-consuming and cost-intensive "public request" for finding unknown heirs irrelevant
  • by regular assessment reports the administrator/curator of estate remains the "master of the procedure"
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