The association considers itself a contact partner concerning heir finding and for for questions about inheritance.

To be contacted by a heir finder in an estate matter is not an everyday occurrence. Therefore, there are regular a series of questions. The most frequent questions of persons, who are contacted by a heir finder, concern the integrity and the complex of fee.

In the association united heir finding companies became a member because of their successful activity, their high quality and seriousness in the area of the heir finding for many years. Furthermore, by the accession to the association they have submitted to the codex of honour, which puts highest requirements on data protection and serious business policy. The association has on the other hand an elevated and observant capacity. There is an respective jurisdiction for the remuneration of the heir finding activities, that is expressly represented at this web-site. For the association members there are usual fee rates between 10% and 30% of the authorised for payment inheritance sum plus VAT, in relation with foreign countries even up to 33%.

The fees of the heir finders become due only in the case of success - no cure, no pay. All costs and expenses until the occurrence of the success or disbursement of the inheritance sum are pre-financed by the heir finders. Over the entire term of the estate procedure the heir finder bears full cost risk. In estate cases in which the heir finder cannot find any heirs, he has to bear his costs himself.

However, the association can only provide information of a general nature about the activity of an heir finder, average effort, costs and processing time of an inheritance case. Since these can turn out very differently, we recommend affected heirs, based on the individual case, to inquire directly with the respective company.

Expense factors over the entire term of the estate procedure might be for the heir finder:

  • Complexity of the heir finding and out of it next following time expenditure and research effort,
  • Costs of the procurement of certificates and other documents of proof,
  • Researches by correspondence partners/in situ specialists,
  • Costs of official translations and notarisations,
  • Assistance in difficulty with the inheritance tax.

Each estate case is different and no heir finding is comparable with another one. During a research there are frequently new challenges which are to be managed with other solutions. As a consequence, different costs ensue on every occasion.

The length of the procedure can vary greatly within each limit. All is possible a term of 1 to 10 years. The settlement of a medial complicated estate case lasts about 3 years.

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